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RBYS Kickoff Classic Rules





  • Teams participate in the tournament at their own risk.
  • The Rye Brook Youth Soccer Club (RBYSC), the RBYSC tournament committee, Village of Rye Brook and the Blind Brook Board of Education cannot and does not accept liability for any injuries that may occur as a consequence of playing in the tournament.
  • The act of participation by a team, player, parent and/or spectator is a release by them of any claims against the RBYSC, its members, the Village of Rye Brook and the Blind Brook School District.



  • Coaches must register their teams at least 30 minutes prior to their first game.
  • Valid passes must be presented at this time for every player and coach at the tournament.
  • Teams are allowed up to three guest players.
  • AYSO teams must present roster signed by their Regional Commissioner.
  • Permission to Travel and Guest Player Forms must also be presented at this time.



  • There are no protests or appeals.
  • The decision of the referee and the tournament committee will be final and binding.



  • If a team is not on the field ready to start a match at the sound of the air horn, they forfeit the match and the opposing team receives credit for a 2-0 victory.
  • No points are awarded if both teams forfeit.
  • If an accepted team fails to appear at the tournament, there will be no refund and all its matches will be forfeited.



  • NO animals are allowed on the playing fields by order of the Village of Rye Brook and the Blind Brook Union Free School District.



  • Games will be played rain or shine.
  • Games are considered complete after 14 minutes. If a game is halted before 13 minutes, the tournament committee will decide the course of action.
  • The tournament timekeeper is the sole authority of time played.
  • If a game is halted prior to that time, the tournament committee will decide the course of action.
  • In case severe weather conditions, that cancel the days games a $250 refund will be issued to each team.

Players on Field

  • U9 & U10 --> 8v8
  • U11         --> 9v9
  • U12+       --> 11v11

Ball Size

  • U9-U12 teams will use a #4 soccer ball
  • U13+ will use a #5 ball

WYSL rules are used, including the following:

  • Substitutions are only permitted with the permission of the referee, and ONLY on goal kicks, kickoffs after goals and during a throw-in by either team. Speed subbing will be in effect - as soon as the ref acknowledges the sub, coaches are encouraged to send their players on the field while the players on the field are coming off to expedite the process.
  • All teams must have alternate jerseys or pinnies. In case of conflicts, the home team (listed first on the game schedule) will change jerseys.
  • The tournament timekeeper will be responsible for time and will use an air horn to start and stop all games. There will be no time allowances for injuries.
  • Only the authorized referee will call offside, out of bounds and fouls.
  • The home team (listed first) will kick off to start the match. The visiting team will get choice of goal.
  • Games are 25 minutes. Teams will not switch sides at the mid mark. Teams will have 2 minutes to get on and off the field between matches
  • A player who receives a red card may be ruled ineligible for the next game or the remainder of the tournament at the discretion of the tournament committee.
  • Any coach receiving a red card will be barred from further participation at the tournament.
  • Coaches will be responsible not only for their actions on and off the field, but also the actions of their players and supporters

Bracket Rules

  • Standings - All groups will play a round robin format. Standings are determined on a point system. Teams will receive:
    • Win =  3 points
    • Tie = 1 point
    • Loss = 0 points
  • Awards - Individual awards will be presented to the 1st and 2nd place teams in all age groups. Players on U9 and U10 teams will receive a participation award.
  • Tiebreakers - If two or more teams have an equal number of points after the round robin games are played; the tie will be broken in the following order:
    • Head to Head Competition
    • Most Wins
    • Fewest Losses
    • Goal Differential
    • Least # of goals allowed
    • Most Shutouts

If a tie still exists after the 6 tiebreakers have been used, the position will be declared a tie and both teams will receive awards. A coin flip will occur, and the winner will receive the trophies at the event, and the other team will be sent the awards at their coaches home.