RBYS Clinics

Updated Wednesday April 26, 2017 by Rye Brook Youth Soccer.

To help our kids get more touches on the ball and improve their soccer skills beyond practice and game times, we are investing in the voluntary Red Bulls run clinics this season.  Clinics will be offered at Crawford Park on Thursday and Friday afternoons at 3:45pm-4:45pm.  Each clinic will be a Themed Tournament/League Championship Games (3v3/4v4).  The program is open to U9 and up.

The first clinic will be held Thursday, March 23rd.  The last Clinic is Saturday, June 17th.  


Select Tactical Training - Thursdays, 3:45 to 4:45

Week 1 & 2: La Liga Tournament

Players will choose Top 6 Spanish teams battle for 1st place and play for the title!  Play like Messi, Ronaldo, Griezmann, Tobin Heath and to beat past defenders.  Players will learn the technical skills to evade pressure / beat opposing team players. 

Running with the Ball / Dribbling/Moves (Scissors)


Week 3 & 4: Copa America Centenario

Players will choose South American Teams to play for the Championship!  Play like Suarez, Alexis Sanchez and Alex Morgan: Strike the ball to score goals.  Players will learn the technical components of how to shoot the ball correctly using their laces / score goals.

Shooting (Driven Shot) / Shooting (Across the GK)


Week 5 & 6: Bundesliga Tournament

Players will choose Top 6 German teams and battle for 1st place and play for the title!  Play like Thomas Muller, Philip Lahm, Carli Lloyd and pass your way through the opposition. Players will learn the technical components of how to pass and receive the ball correctly using the inside of the foot.

Passing / Receiving


Week 7 & 8: Euro Cup 2017

Players will choose their favorite team from Europe, qualify and win to play in the Finals!  Play like Xavi, Pual Pogba and Kevin De Bruyne and turn away from pressure/opponents to find space.  Players will learn the technical skills to turn away from pressure / opponents to find open space.

Turning (U-Turn) / Turning (Cruyff)


Week 9 & 10: Street Soccer Tournament

Players will be given random numbers and assigned to a team. Players will rotated teams based on their number. Keep track of the score and points of their individual score. Highest number of points wins!  Players will learn the technical skills of how to win possession of the ball using different tackling techniques.

Defending (Block Tackle) / Defending (Poke Tackle)


Week 11 & 12:  Champions League (4v4/5v5)

Players will choose one of best club teams in the world and play for the cup!  Play like the top players on any of the champions league teams and volley your way to the Final.  Players will be placed in small sided games / tournament play to showcase the previous technical skills they have learnt throughout the season.


Goalkeeping Clinics

We are parterning this year with Red Bull's Development Training program to offer goalkeeper-specific instruction.  Any player, regardless of position, is invited to attend.  The program is open to U8 and up.

Fridays, 3:45 to 4:45 at Crawford Park: U8 - U19 (U9 players may attend at any point during their scheduled practice time)

Saturdays, 10:15 to 11:15 at Ridge Street: U8 - U19