Field Rules

UpdatedFriday October 8, 2021 byRye Brook Youth Soccer.


We are delighted to have such great facilities in Rye Brook.   We are fortunate to have great facilities in our town and we would like continue to do our part.  Please be respectful of the existing village and school rules.  Breaches of these rules could have material consequences for the entire club and individual participants as well as individual participants, including the club's ability to use the Crawford Park or King Street fields in the future.  

With that, there are village and school rules that everyone MUST adhere to:

Field Use

  • NO Chewing Gum
  • NO Pets
  • NO Alcoholic Beverages
  • NO Glass Products
  • NO metal cleats or spikes
  • NO Golf
  • Clean up the fields after use, including cups, plastic bottles and food wrappers

Drop-off and Parking

  • Carpooling is strongly recommended and encouraged. Fewer cars will ensure a safer, more efficient drop off and pick up.
  • Those picking up should arrive promptly and exit the drop off area as soon as players have been retrieved. Unless there is an emergency, please do not linger once practices has ended.
  • Please park only in designated parking spaces - Do NOT park along roads themselves.


Crawford Park

  • NO PARKING WHATSOEVER on the left side of the road directly adjacent to the field.  This area is to be used for dropping off and picking up only.
  • Do NOT use any handicap parking areas for drop-offs or pick ups
  • For anyone who is staying for the full session, utilize the grass lot on the right side of the road when you reach the top of the hill.  This is the area *before* you pass the mansion.
  • Double parking or blocking the main road at Crawford Park at any time is strictly prohibited.  If you must park along the road, do so down the hill past the field.  Park perpendicular (i.e. nose in) rather than parallel and pull completely on to the grass.
  • Drivers should exit Crawford Park and Ridge Street  immediately following drop off in order to provide space for incoming vehicles. 
  • Please DO NOT USE Wilton Road to Park, Drop-Off or Pickup, and observe No Parking signs at all times.
  • Red Bull trainers will be on hand to supervise players upon arrival. Parent monitors will be present for younger players, as well.


King Street

  • Do NOT use the handicap parking area on King Street.