Issues and Concerns

UpdatedSaturday April 7, 2018 byRye Brook Youth Soccer.

Given the large amount of emails the board receives, moving forward, if you want the board to address any issues/concerns you may have in the Rye Brook Youth Soccer program, please send an email to  You are required to include:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Team being addressed
  • Name of child
  • Participants/names of individuals involved (if applicable)
  • Concise statement of the issue
  • Steps taken so far to address issue (if applicable)

These emails will go directly to Glenn Christal and Ken Finder only, members of the board who are not currently coaches and do not have players active in the program.  Emails that do not include the above information will not be addressed.

Please use the feedback email address rather than sending e-mails directly to any of the Rye Brook Youth Soccer Executive Board pertaining to any issues/concerns unless it is an emergency.

Thanks for your understanding

Rye Brook Youth Soccer