Game Day Warm-Ups

UpdatedThursday October 6, 2016 byTony Paterno.

On Game Days, teams should assemble and warm up using the dynamic exercises listed below.  Links to videos are included.


Exercise 1. Straight Ahead

Exercise 2. Hip-Out

Exercise 3. Hip-In

Exercise 4. Circling Partner

Exercise 5. Jumping with Shoulder Contact

Exercise 6. Quick Forwards and Backwards

Exercise 7. Across the Pitch

Exercise 8. Bounding

Exercise 9. Plant & Cut


Teams U10 and under should go through the warm-up activity only – this provides more technical training/touches for the younger players at the ages they need it most.

Teams U11 and older can then progress into additional activites that can be manipulated to bring about either individual or group possession teaching moments, while increasing the players muscle temperature and heart rate. The activity allows for many touches on the ball with all players involved constantly – the activity should be managed so that that the work:rest ratio is appropriate for the time spent in the activity (i.e. 3 minutes of work, 1 minute rest – repeat).