Code of Conduct

UpdatedMonday September 5, 2016 byRye Brook Youth Soccer.

The following are Rye Brook Youth Soccer's Codes of Conduct for Parents, Players and Coaches: 



The following eight RBYS “Parent Principles” are established by RBYS for all soccer club activities and events:

1. I will provide positive reinforcement, care, and encouragement to my child and his/her teammates to aid in their soccer development. 

2. I will treat others with respect and encourage fair play and good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all. 

3. I will remember that the game is for my child and his/her teammates and will do my best to ensure soccer is fun for my child.

4. I will sit or stand on the opposite sideline to the players and coach during a match.

5. I will support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse of referees from soccer events, including discussing any issues about a game with the referee or linesman at any time. 

6. I will raise any issues with the coach only after 24 hours of the occurring incident/game unless it would be dangerous to a player to not address it immediately.

7. I will inform my child’s coach as the earliest convenient time if she/he has any problems/ailments impacting their participation in soccer activities. 

8. If required, I promise to work with my child’s coach to address player disruptive behavior.

All parents are expected to agree to the letter and spirit of the above Parent Principles.  Failure to abide by the Parent Principles, will subject parents to disciplinary action that could include, but is not limited to (i) verbal warnings, (ii) forfeiture of attendance or (iii) removal from the Club. 



The following eight RBYS “Player Principles” are established by RBYS for all soccer club activities and events:

1. I will attend every practice and game that I can, and I will notify (or my parents will) my coach in advance if I cannot make a practice or game.

2. I will come to practices and games on time and ready to learn. 

3. I will bring any equipment necessary for practice (ball, cleats, shin guards, water,) and games (cleats, shin guards, water and team uniform).

4. I will respect coaches and trainers and follow coaching direction. 

5. I will exhibit good behavior during practices and games.

6. I will respect the authority of the referee.

7. I will always try my best and put the effort in to aid on my soccer development, including skills practice at home and watching soccer games when possible.  

8. I will demonstrate fair play and good sportsmanship and also encourage fair play and good sportsmanship from others.  

All players are expected to understand and agree to the above Player Principles.  Failure to follow the Player Principles may result in discussions between the player, his/her parents and coaches, loss of playing time and/or ultimately removal from the Club. 



The following eight RBYS “Coach’s Principles” are established by RBYS for all soccer club activities and events:

1. I will lead by example in demonstrating respect, fair play and sportsmanship to all my players, parents, fans and officials and, if necessary, assist in maintaining control of the spectator sidelines.

2. I will place the skills development and well-being of my players ahead of a personal desire to win.

3. I will work closely with team trainers and strive to keep abreast of current soccer learning techniques. 

4. I will do my best to organize practices that develop and challenge my players while balancing enjoyment.

5. I will do my best to let the players on the field make decisions for themselves through ‘guided discovery’.

6. I will understand and take appropriate steps to adhere to the rules of the game as well as WYSL rules and will endeavor to teach them to my players.

7. I will refrain from discussing any issues about a game with the referee or linesman at any time. If I have an issue I agree to abide by the set WYSL/tournament rules regarding set issues.

8. I will always remember and enforce that my players’ safety is my number 1 priority at all times.

All coaches are expected to agree to the above Coach’s Principles in letter and spirit. Failure to follow the Coach’s Principles may subject a coach to disciplinary action that could include, but is not limited to (i) the verbal warnings from the RBYS Board, (ii) suspension of coaching hours or (iii) removal from coaching in the Club.