Player Evaluations

UpdatedTuesday May 3, 2022 byRye Brook Youth Soccer.

The RBYS Executive Board understands the sensitivity of players and parents regarding team formation. In order to provide players with the best opportunity to develop their soccer skills and have fun, RBYS believes that soccer players should be grouped with players of similar soccer ability.  RBYS selects teams based on a combination of evaluations. The process is designed to be as thorough, accurate and fair as possible with the goal of grouping players by skill and ability, while at the same time managing the costs and burden of the program overall.   Every player should participate with their specific birth year. Players are encouraged to attend all ratings sessions.
The results of the evaluations are kept strictly confidential by the RBYS Board and under no circumstances are shared with the players/parents.
1) Red Bull Trainers Evaluations: Each Red Bull trainer will provide a rating of each player on their respective teams.  This provides the board with an evaluation of each player, considering both the Fall and Spring seasons.
2) Coach's Evaluations: Coaches will provide a rating of each player on their respective teams. This provides the board with an additional evaluation of each player, considering both the Fall and Spring seasons. The Head Coach may consult with their assistant coaches on the rankings, but ultimately one set of rankings should be submitted for each team.


Trainer's evaluations are given more weight than coach's evaluations, but both are considered. If there is a notable discrepancy between any of the evaluations (including item #3, below) the board will seek additional information at its discretion.
3) Evaluation Sessions in the Spring: In May, there will be more focused sessions conducted by the assigned Red Bull trainers where teams are combined by birth year.  The Board has the right to add Ad Hoc sessions to make sure the ratings are done as accurately as possible. Players are evaluated by our professional trainers for individual skills as well as group play, small-sided drills and scrimmages. The Red Bulls Organization is responsible for the administration of the process and submits their evaluations/recommendations to the Board.
Parents are not allowed to attend any of the evaluation sessions unless you are a designated parent monitor for the younger aged teams.
4) New Players to the Program:  Any new players registering for the program will be evaluated by the Red Bulls trainers who evaluate the players in a particular birth year.  New players who have registered must attend the publicized evaluation session for the respective birth year. If a new player is unable to make a session or be fairly evaluated, the new player will automatically be put on the B team
5) Reassessment:  Players/teams will be reassessed every Spring for team formation the following Fall.  As such, kids who are placed on the B team will have the chance to move up to the A team and vice versa.
6) Rosters/Teams: Teams will be formed in June based on input from all the different sources above
7) When Registered Players Exceed Maximum Number of Players Allowed Per Team:
When the number of registered players exceeds the maximum number of players allowed per team, a limited number of players may be offered the opportunity to participate as developmental or reserve players per RBYS guidelines. If the opportunity to participate as a developmental/reserve player is not available, or if a player declines the opportunity to be a practice/reserve player, the player will not be placed on a team and their registration fee will be refunded.