Match Day Info

UpdatedSaturday October 2, 2021 byRye Brook Youth Soccer.

The following is for ages U9 and Up.  U8 games do not require match rosters, nor are scores reported.


Pre-Game: Printing ID Cards and GameDay Rosters

Instructions on how to Print your Weekly Game Roster can be found HERE.  Be sure to select your team, and "WYSL Fall 2021 Seeding/Scheduling as the Event.

Instructions on how to Print ID Cards (only needed for Coaches, and the same one can be used every week) can be found HERE.


Pre-Game: Borrowing Players

Instructions on how to add a new (i.e. borrowed) player to your roster can be found HERE.  Please note:

  1. All WYSL teams will be permitted a maximum of five (5) age-appropriate players (“guest players”) from another team within the same club at any League game.
  2. The guest player must be approved by an official from the club. The total number of players on the official game-day rosters must remain within the league’s roster limits for that age group.
  3. U11 and Younger are Free to share age-appropriate players in league games on team within the same club.
  4. U12 and Older are Free to share players in league games on any age-appropriate team within the same club so long as:
  • the receiving team is in same age group AND is in the same or higher division as the player’s team
  • the receiving team is in an older age division than the player’s team.


GameTime: Rules

The league rules, along with summary of changes, concussion rules, and a video explanation of the 7v7 "build out line" can be found HERE.


GameTime: Field Configuration

Click HERE to see how fields are configured, where teams should sit, parents should sit, and so forth.



Lopsided games humiliate our losing players, our children, and are completely contradictory to the League’s philosophy.  We make every effort to avoid mismatching when seeding teams, purposely to inspire effort and build skill encouraged with close competitive matches.  Lopsided scores are easily preventable and are a direct result of coaches not making an effort to actively control scoring.  Coaches are urged to make preventive moves and restrictions to subtly even the game’s competitive level before it becomes a thrashing. 

 If any coach lacks the ability or sensitivity to control his or her team from beating up and humiliating their opponent in our League, (nothing over a 6-goal differential will be accepted), the following will be the case:

  1. 1st Offense – Warning to Coach & Club.
  2. The second offense will result in a one-game suspension for the Coach and a $ 100 fine to the Club.
  3. The third offense will result in a one-season suspension for the Coach and a $ 200 fine to the Club.

This rule shall not apply in the Premier Divisions and the U8 4v4 divisions.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, a goal differential in excess of six (6) goals in any game will not be included as part of a team’s aggregate goal differential for purposes of determining Premier League standings.  


GameTime: Treatment of Referees

The WYSL's policy regarding treatment of referees can be found here


GameTime: No Referee

Our Absent Referee Proceedure can be found HERE.


After the Game

Coaches can fill out comments for particular games, including Referee Evaluations HERE.

Games Scores can be submitted HERE.  The PIN is 7698.  The home team is responsible for submitting the score ideally Sunday evening, but no later than Monday at 10am.