Message from Mayor Paul Rosenberg

COVID Yellow Zone

UpdatedSaturday November 7, 2020 byRye Brook Youth Soccer.

Good evening Rye Brook residents. 
This afternoon, I was notified that New York State (NYS) has designated all the Village of Port Chester and a majority of Rye Brook as a “Yellow Zone” COVID area due to the rate of COVID activity in this region. 
“Yellow Zones” limit indoor and outdoor non-essential gatherings to a maximum of 25 people.  It also limits Houses of Worship to 50% of maximum capacity.  Businesses can remain open, and indoor and outdoor dining is permitted with a maximum of 4 people per table.  Lastly, school districts will be mandated by NYS of mandatory weekly testing of approximately 20% of students and staff to remain open.  For additional information about the NYS cluster initiative, please click here.
While I am very much in favor of facing rising COVID cases head-on, I also believe that these types of decisions should be based upon facts since they will impact local businesses, restaurants, and both school districts in the Village.
The facts are that as of today, the Village of Rye Brook has a very small number of active positive COVID cases. In the entire Village, there is a total of 15 “active” positive cases, and they are spread throughout different areas of the village.
Let me make it clear that the Board of Trustees does not agree with the method used by the State to lump Rye Brook in with the higher number of cases in Port Chester.  I have had several conference calls with representatives from the Governor’s office today urging them to provide me with more facts showing the justification of why most of Rye Brook would be included in the Yellow Zone since our total positive COVID testing number is extremely low and the cases are not in clusters.  So far, they have been unable to provide this information.  I have also urged the Governor’s staff, with the full support of the Village Board and the assistance of Senator Shelley Mayer, Assemblyman Steve Otis, County Executive George Latimer, and County Legislator Nancy Barr, to limit the “Yellow Zone” restrictions to the areas where COVID clusters exist, or to provide an opportunity for impacted businesses and schools to apply for relief of the restrictions.  The Governor’s office said that they will investigate these requests and will provide us with additional information.
This is a fluid situation, and I will update you when appropriate.
Thank you.
Paul Rosenberg